Here’s some actual hard facts, not the usual about page ‘but it’s all about the customer’ stuff. I’ve run a business for well over 20 years. I will help you grow your business fast.

Here’s what you need to know:

All the Top 100 Advertising Agencies Worldwide 

I spent 20 years in film and commercial & broadcast TV. I’ve worked with all the top 100 biggest branding, commercial and advertising agencies in the world – from Saatchi’s, Ogilvy, BBDO, Leo Burnett – you name it, I’ve worked with them all. I’ve been blessed to work with some of the best creative and branding execs in the business.

All the Major Broadcasters in Europe 

I’ve worked with all the major broadcasters in Europe – and a great many in the US and Canada. At one point my work was on every bus and subway stop in NYC and plastered all over Times Square. And it felt gooood. 

Worked on the International Space Station for Nasa 

I worked with McDonnell Douglas and Nasa in LA when I was 21. Meeting people who really were rocket scientists was a blast! (Yes, I really did just make that awful gag).

Taught Cinematography at Dreamworks 

The only other person who taught cinematography regularly there is Roger Deakins (the Coen brothers DP) who finally won an Oscar after 13 Nominations. I also taught at Technicolor and Supinfocom. If you’re in animation, you’ll know that’s the top school. If not, you’ll be wondering, ‘why’s it got such an odd name?’

Liz Scully | Business Strategist + Mastermind Coach
Liz Scully | Business Strategist + Mastermind Coach


•  Early Entrepreneur

My first entrepreneurial venture was at 15. I designed a range of jewellery and sold it at a local rock club on Friday nights. It was profitable from the start and I not only covered costs, but also all my underage drinking and clubbing and a cab home afterwards. I’ve not stopped earning since.

• Teenager at a Top Business School

At 18, I studied economics at the prestigious Moorgate Business School in London (one of the three best business schools in the UK). I was taught by a diamond setter from Cartier. He taught me supply and demand… by setting fire to a diamond.

• Design Degree from Top European Art School

My first degree is from one of the best design universities in Europe – the Glasgow School of Art. It’s where I honed the visual skills to pull disparate ideas into fully rounded complex designs, the skills I use every day in strategy work.

• Masters in Visualisation from the National School

My second degree is from the UK National Centre for Visualisation. This means I really can visualise your new business strategy clearly – I’m specifically trained for it.


•  Multi-award winning Blog

My blog about the recent years I spent in India – particularly my linguistic challenges there – won many International blogging awards. Several I won year after year: building a small but dedicated following of cake eating, language obsessed travel types. My peeps.

• Speaking and Workshops all over the World

I’ve spoken at pan-global companies such as Dreamworks, Technicolour and HP. From podcasts to radio shows my confusingly British accent (I swear I’m Irish!) has often been heard: I’ve even done voice-over work. As well as working online, I run workshops at events all over the world – most often in NYC and Europe, but Central + South America and India. I also support clients as they run their fancy retreats across North America and Costa Rica.  Seeing people laughing while learning makes my heart swell.

• Run Masterminds for the Best in the World 

I run Masterminds for some of the most influential coaches in the world, including: Jonathan Fields, Kathy Caprino, Julia Pimsleur and Tim Brownson. They trust me to get results for their clients: there’s no greater trust from a business owner.

Liz Scully | Business Strategist + Mastermind Coach